The Chinese are not working....... HATE IT !!!!!!


Written on 下午8:13 by 异能使者

About the Chinese Star

I don't know why suddenly the chinese star are not working. Everytime i want to on it, but the Chinese Star bar is always blank and the Task Manager show that Chinese Star is "Not responding"!!!

What happen ???
Stupid !!!!
I really hate to use ENGLISH to tell my feelings. Looks stupid !!!

I try to use the XP language Pack to write these blog in chinese but .........SORRY. I don't know how to use it and i'm lazy to read the instruction. hahaha................. I think maybe the god are testing me. He juz want me to become stronger.

OKAY. Never mind juZ forget it !

About My Feelings (For my Lovers Friends)

I juZ want to tell my friend. I'm sorry, i'm always not online / late to reply your feedback (SMS) /reject all my friends invitations and much much more that is bad...........for my friends. BUT believe me I LOVE YOU ALL .........(muntah) :P I MISS YOU ALL VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCHHHHHHHH.

And this is important. Please Find me if you have any problems. However, i can't help you but i got a ear, i can listen.

And the second important things is I want to watch the "Jing Wu Men"<---Chinese. If I'm free can we go together ? Please contact me When you free. Thx.

About My University

My University got a lot of problems now because they have change their system and management. Few of the Lectures have 'lost', i hear that because their qualification are not fit with the new management. Never mind, the god are looking at me , he want to know how much i can 'tahan'.

The God will know i'm the good person (Guai Guai De Ren). So i will not angry for that question or problems. Juz forgive them.

I'm sorry to the friends that cannot read or very understand what i write. I know my engish is very very POOR. Sorry.........

P/S: Look up the pragraph, i always talk about the GOD, what the god thinking. Did you know why i know it ? Because ..................... I M the GOD !


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